Robert Aderholt

U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama Congressional District 4

A strong, resilient energy industry means not only a dynamic American economy, but it also gives us the energy security we need to remain competitive on a national and international level. While we see many states across the nation going backward when it comes to energy production and delivery, wreaking havoc on local economies and hard-working families’ pocketbooks, I’m glad that thanks to groups like the Energy Institute of Alabama our state is going in the right direction. I appreciate my working relationship with EIA and its efforts to make sure that we’re pursuing policies that protect this important sector and create an environment where Alabamians have access to the reliable energy that they deserve.

Terri Sewell

U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama Congressional District 7

Few things are more important to Alabama businesses — both large and small — than dependable, affordable, clean energy. Alabama is blessed with energy companies that not only provide this important service, but contribute greatly to the economic well-being of our state. As the U.S. Representative for the 7th Congressional District of Alabama, I am proud to work together with the Energy Institute of Alabama to grow this critical industry in the years to come while advocating for clean energy policies that will allow the industry to continue to provide good-paying jobs for all Alabamians.

Jerry Carl

U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama Congressional District 1

Creating energy independence is crucial for the economic future of our state and our nation, and it’s one of my top priorities in Congress. The Energy Institute of Alabama plays a key role in informing both the public and businesses of how affordable and reliable energy can drive the state’s economy forward, and I’m proud to work together with them to keep our energy industry growing.

Ellen McNair

Alabama Secretary of Commerce

Industry and job recruitment is never an easy task, even with the business environment and quality of life we enjoy here in Alabama. But without access to reliable, affordable, and clean energy – as well as broadband infrastructure – that job would be nearly impossible. The Energy Institute of Alabama plays an important role in shaping state policy that allows us to ensure companies looking to invest in Alabama have the resources they need to succeed.

Jon Barganier

President and CEO, Manufacture Alabama

Every manufacturer in our state relies on dependable, affordable energy to power their operations. Every manufacturer in our state, especially those in rural areas, depends on high-speed internet access to capitalize on the high-tech, cutting-edge technologies that are essential in our continuously modernizing manufacturing environment. The Energy Institute of Alabama champions both of these issues and works hard every day to ensure that policy goals are being pursued in Montgomery that will allow our state to continue to provide these assets to our current manufacturers as well as those we are trying to recruit. The Energy Institute of Alabama continues to be a valuable partner for our state’s manufacturers and job creators – we appreciate that partnership and look forward to continuing to work with EIA to create the most optimal business environment for Alabama.

Helena Duncan

President and CEO, Business Council of Alabama

Alabama’s energy sector includes some of our largest employers and powers every single industry and business in our state. The policies that EIA advocates for and the reliable, affordable energy produced by our utility companies ensure that our state’s businesses have access to a consistent power base that keeps our economy up and running. That, along with EIA’s advocacy for key assets such as expanded broadband infrastructure so that industrial sites and rural communities can be connected, are honorable goals that the energy institute pushes for with consistent success. We at BCA appreciate our partnership with the institute and look forward to working together on key issues that will keep Alabama working.

Gerald H. Allen

Chairman, Alabama Senate Transportation & Energy Committee

The availability of affordable and reliable energy is vital to the economic growth of the state of Alabama. We are blessed to have multiple producers of power in our state and forward-thinking managers of those businesses who work every day to keep our energy sector strong. I am pleased that the Energy Institute of Alabama is now working to provide concise information about how energy industries contribute to our economy and how policy decisions affect consumers.

EIA will be the best resource for serious, yet easily understandable research analysis on energy policy and how we are all affected by regulations considered in Montgomery, Washington and beyond. I look forward to using this new resource and sharing it with my colleagues in the Legislature.

Barbara Drummond

Alabama House of Representatives, District 103

In South Alabama we are blessed with abundant oil, gas and other energy resources. These God-given resources provide countless jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties that go to the state to help fund many of our most important programs. Responsible stewardship and continued research and development can continue to help this industry grow and support our state in the years to come.

Randall Shedd

Chairman, Alabama House of Representatives Transportation, Utilities and Infrastructure Committee

The Energy Institute of Alabama’s mission to promote reliable, affordable and clean energy fits perfectly with what should be the aim of everyone in our state government. As chairman of the Alabama House Transportation, Utilities, and Infrastructure Committee, supporting energy policies that benefit Alabamians, our state and our economy is a top priority of mine, and the Energy Institute’s industry experts have a wealth of knowledge that help our state continue to be a national leader on energy policy.

Milton Davis

Co-chair of the Economic Development Committee of Manufacture Alabama and Director of Industrial Business Development for B.L. Harbert International

As a general contractor, the energy sector is one of the most critical components in our clients’ ability to operate their manufacturing facilities every day in the most efficient, productive way possible. We rely on a variety of energy providers for the facilities we construct and depend on them to ensure we’re continually competing globally from an economic standpoint. We are excited about the opportunity to support the Energy Institute of Alabama by highlighting the importance of the energy sector to the construction industry.

Steve Sewell

Executive Vice President, Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

Alabama’s ability to provide reliable energy at a competitive cost has long been one of our great advantages in economic development. We are fortunate that leaders in the energy industry are working together and focused on the challenge of meeting our state’s future energy needs – it will be critical to our continued success in recruiting companies and supporting the sustainability and expansion of existing Alabama businesses.

Steven E. Taylor, P.E.

Director, Auburn University, Center for Bioenergy and Bioproducts

One of the most critical elements to improving economic development in Alabama is to provide sustainable and affordable sources of energy. I am confident that through the Energy Institute of Alabama, we will provide science-based information to help select the best energy sources and the most appropriate policies to encourage innovation and growth in Alabama.

Our work at Auburn University has been dedicated to providing renewable sources of energy based on the state’s forest and agricultural resources. This work has the potential to increase the economic return to Alabama farmers and forest landowners, which is a significant step in growing our local economies. The Institute, therefore, promises to be a catalyst for policy and technology development that will ultimately strengthen our state.

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