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Need for broadband expansion remains as state leaders address issue

Slow load times on web pages caused by the lack of broadband internet access unfortunately remains a fact of life for many Alabamians, especially in rural areas.

An uncomfortable truth is the height of the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps in our state’s broadband infrastructure. State leaders understand high-speed internet access has become essential to daily life, as many schools embrace virtual learning, adults opt to work from home, and telemedicine gains traction.

The current Legislative Session has already seen approval of $277 million from the American Rescue Plan Act to expand broadband connectivity, and this is one of many steps in the right direction. While $277 million is a welcome and wise investment, it’s worth noting current cost estimates project it will take at least $4 billion, and perhaps as much as $6 billion, to provide every Alabamian with high-speed broadband.

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Fort Payne EV charging station unveiled

As automakers retool their factories, most of us are going to be driving an electric vehicle (EV) in the next 10 years. Fort Payne Improvement Authority (FPIA) is making sure Alabama is ready by removing one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption in the U.S. – fast charging infrastructure.

On Tuesday, FPIA announced at a ribbon-cutting ceremony the installation of two EV fast chargers at the intersection of 5th and Gault, making it the first operational charging site in TVA’s regional Fast Charge Network. The Fast Charge Network supports the broader National Electric Highway Coalition, enabling long-distance electric vehicle travel by placing public fast chargers every 50 miles along interstates and major highways throughout Alabama and across the United States.

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