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EIA Joins Governor Ivey to Announce Launch of Drive Electric Alabama Campaign

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) officially launched the state’s electric vehicle education and marketing program, known as Drive Electric Alabama, in Birmingham on Nov. 29.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey attended the announcement and voiced support for Drive Electric Alabama and the inaugural marketing campaign, known as “Electric Gets You There,” which stresses the cost savings associated with electric vehicles as well as EVs’ functionality.

The campaign features television, radio and digital advertising, as well as billboards and events aimed at increasing Alabamians’ awareness surrounding EV technology, affordability, charging and other related topics.

Click here to learn more about Drive Electric Alabama.

State Representative Randall Shedd Writes on Importance of Rural Broadband Expansion

“For many Alabamians residing in rural and remote areas of the state, the archaic, temperamental, and frustratingly slow dial-up access is all they have ever known.

The lack of broadband access and other infrastructure discourages industrial recruitment and economic development from taking place in areas of our state with the highest unemployment rates and the biggest needs. Businesses, industries, and manufacturing concerns simply cannot locate in areas that have not yet implemented 21st Century internet technology.

Recognizing the significant quality-of-life improvements that broadband access can bring and understanding that it is not economically feasible for service providers to build infrastructure and create fiber optic networks in low-population areas that cannot realize a return on investment, the Alabama Legislature began focusing its attention on rural internet needs a few years ago.”

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